Core Customer Retention Program

Telling a Customer " Sorry I can't get you financed because of your credit score." is never a fun conversation and it does not help you build your business

Our program changes that we can take your turn downs and turn them into deals and lifelong customers. We have built a way to help the consumer not just fix and repair their credit but we help them grow and change their change financial direction. Our program helps consumers raise their credit score and improve their credit reports and we then drive that customer back into your showroom to buy a vehicle.

Your dealership will be the Dealer that helped change their financial future when no one else would. We want to work with your dead deals and help you sell more cars with the people you have already spent precious advertising dollars on to get to your dealership. 

Our program is 100% risk free and we are only paid on results. 

How does it work?

  • We do not charge any upfront fees to the dealership or the customer
  • Simply refer the consumer to our website 
  • We will assign a personalized account manager to that consumer and get them enrolled 
  • We will review the credit profile with the consumer and provide them with a complete overview and game plan
  • Consumer will have a private log in portal to view the progress
  • Dealership will have a private log in portal to view progress and pipeline
  • We Will notify the dealership when the consumer has changes that will lead to an approval 
  • We Will set the appointment for the customer to return to the dealership
  • Consumer will complete the purchase
  • We Will help with Social media announcements and get referrals from consumer
  • Your dealership will now have a Completely Satisfied Customer for Life and they will be the biggest spokesperson for your dealership
  • Dealership will pay a small retention referral fee after the purchase is complete

Our Core Retention program will build a pipeline of continuous activity and sales. We are able to help over 85% of the people we work with raise their score by 50 points or more. We typically start seeing results in the first 30 to 60 days. This program is designed to build a Customer Conversion Funnel that will continue to grow and build while producing profitable deals that otherwise would have been lost.

How many Dead Deals due to Credit did you have last month?

How many Deals did you lose due to credit terms last month?

Now How many extra deals per month could you have had with our program?